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Pivotal Papers

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19th November 2014 Chronic Disease increases linked to glyphosate / Roundup use
13th August 2014 Glyphosate Studies relevant to Human Health
4th August 2014 Deformed piglets from Denmark -- glyphosate link confirmed
23rd May 2014 Confirmed:  Pre-harvest Roundup dessication damages wheat and soya seeds
13th May 2014 The safety of GMOs: Studies are based on non scientific conclusions
4th May 2014 Glyphosate and Cancer
4th May 2014 Reduction in urinary organophosphate pesticide metabolites in adults after a week-long organic diet
2nd May 2014 Organic Diets Significantly Lower Children's Dietary Exposure to Organophosphorus Pesticides
21st April 2014 Glyphosate/Roundup & Human Male Infertility
13th April 2014 Glyphosate discovered in human breast milk
2nd April 2014 FDA Policy on GMOs is "irresponsible and illegal"
21st March 2014 Europe's Science Chief seeks to eliminate scientific discourse
11th March 2014 Health damage associated with GMO crops in Cordoba, Argentina
11th March 2014 Organic farming has large positive effects on biodiversity
7th March 2014 Cultivation-independent establishment of genetically engineered plants in natural populations: current evidence and implications for EU regulation
11th February 2014 Four industry-sponsored GMO feeding studies are probably fraudulent
13th January 2014 Golden Rice: Scientific Realities
9th Jan 2014 Fakethrough! GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism
12th July 2013 Pesticides reduce regional biodiversity of stream invertebrates
22 May 2013 Bee Losses Paper -- lost but now found
15 May 2013 The pro-GM lobby's seven sins against science
  Indirect side-effects of the cultivation of GM plants
  Glyphosate in the atmosphere and in rivers and streams
  Confirmed: Roundup is more toxic than glyphosate
  Increased cancer risk associated with Roundup and other GM herbicides
  Do GM crops really have higher yields? The answer is "No".
  New viral gene discovered in commercialised GM plants
  GM and the corruption of science
  The Lynas School of pseudo-scientific environmentalism Twenty-two pieces of junk science from the Lynas Manifesto
  Smelling a corporate rat
  Glyphosate found in Human Urine
  "Safe" Levels of Round-Up Weedkiller and GM Corn Found to Cause Tumours and Multiple Organ Damage
  Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize Seralini et al, 2012
  Scientists warn of GM wheat health dangers
  Glyphosate, GM and the Age of Toxic Food
  GM wheat -- unstable, non-uniform and vulnerable to disease
  New legal study: 45 EU consents for GMOs are illegal
  Why GE Food is Dangerous
  GM maize applications -- assessments by EFSA fail to meet legal requirements
  Evidence of reduced Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Colonization in multiple lines of BT Maize
  Pet foods with genetically modified ingredients put dogs & cats at risk
  GM Soy linked to health damage in pigs -- a Danish Dossier
  New GM Crops Tolerant To Old Toxic Herbicides a Step Backwards
  Glyphosate -- a history of environmental harm
  Argentinian Doctors Confirm Major Health Problems Associated With RR Soy
  BT Brinjal toxicology studies were "woefully inadequate"
  Environmental and health impacts of GM crops - the science
  GM Cotton genes found in wild species
  The Establishment of Genetically Engineered Canola Populations in the U.S
  Three more papers: BT toxin harms mammals
  BT toxins found in human blood
  Glyphosate and glufosinate drift causes yield reductions and crop damage in non-GM rice crops
  How commercial interests influence peer reviewed articles on GM health and safety
  The Lowdown on the Non-Regulation of GM crops and foods in the USA
  Researcher: Roundup or Roundup-Ready Crops May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility
  Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health
  Norway's Centre for Biosafety slams MON87705 dossier defects
  BT Brinjal safety assessments were probably fraudulent
  Monitoring genetically modified soybean along the industrial soybean oil extraction and refining processes by polymerase chain reaction techniques

Sloppy seed-sorting confirmed as main culprit in GM crop contamination

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