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Open Letters 2009 - to date

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Date Title
24th July 2014 Chief Scientific Adviser's role should be reduced, not enhanced
7th May 2014 EFSA's glyphosate consultation: designed to help Monsanto
9th April 2014 Mexico should reject the introduction of GM maize
3rd March 2014 Memo to EU Chief Scientist: Your GMO lies must be retracted
17th February 2014 THE GLOVER EPISTLES
14th February 2014 To Anne Glover: Your claim that there is no evidence of adverse GMO impacts is a lie
14th January 2014 To Rt Hon Owen Paterson: Your vociferous support for GMOs and Golden Rice
16th December 2013 To the PM: Please vote against the growing of Pioneer 1507 maize in Europe
10th December 2013 GM crops and foods damage food security
10th December 2013 Open Letter on Retraction and Pledge to Boycott Elsevier
9th December 2013 The Seralini study retraction -- and the Orwellian world of scientific censorship
2nd September 2013 Animal Health issues related to glyphosate and Roundup Ready GMO crops and feed
18 April 2013 Tesco's PR disaster over GM soy: did it really need to lie to its loyal customers?
2nd March 2013 Lynas was wrong, wrong, and wrong again. Will he now retract his Oxford speech?
10th February 2013 Beware the Rise of Stalinist Science.
21st December 2012 GM flatulence from leading scientists and Royal Society
19th December 2012 Correspondence with the Commission about EFSA, December 2012
9th October 2012 Open Letter: EFSA's rebuttal unit and the Seralini research
3rd October 2012 Open Letter: SCIENCE MANIPULATION CENTRE
Independent Science News, October 2, 2012 Seralini and Science: an Open Letter
18th July 2012 Open Letter: Commission accused of "Don't Look, Don't See" policy on GM soy
28 June 2012 Dalli Reply concerning GM soy and Glyphosate (reply to our letter 1 May 2012)
29th May 2012 Royal Society President accused of "blatant GM hypocrisy"
2nd May 2012 A science lesson for the Rothamsted scientists
1st May 2012 Request for an urgent EFSA reappraisal of all GM soy consents
29th Nov 2011 GM Soy approvals in Europe: legal requirements are being ignored
9th November 2011 GM soy applications fail to meet EU legal requirements
5th Sept 2011 THE DANGERS OF GLYPHOSATE: Letter to Ventura County supervisor Steve Bennett
January / April 2011 New Micro-Organism: The Huber Letters
22 March 2011 ENSSER urges revision on EFSA guidance on GM environmental risk assessment
4th March 2011 Open letter regarding conflicts of interest on EFSA’s management board
28th February 2011 Genetically modified crops (BBC Horizon – ‘Science Under Attack’)
26th January 2011 The GM science community is its own worse enemy
17th January 2011 Damage by new plant pathogen linked to RR crops
10th Sept 2010 Commission denial of evidence of harm from GM crops and foods
6th July 2010 Commission proposals for national GM bans are deeply flawed
27th February 2010 Urgent Scientific and Policy concerns about the new Draft GMO Regulation
23rd February 2010 Formal Protest from Scientists:
Commission Regulation on Implementing Rules for GM applications and assessments
10th February 2010 70 KEY PAPERS
2nd February 2010 False statements about GM safety
1st February 2010 ACNFP is not fit for purpose
25 November2009 Commission accused of six-month cover-up in pursuit of pro-GM agenda
20 November2009 70 scientists sign up to demand for academic freedom on GM research
Scientists Concerned For Academic Freedom to Premier of Western Australia
20 October2009 To: Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel
Re: Your advocacy of corrupt GM science

12 August 2009

22nd January 2009
Bt Crops -- Commission snubs Environment Council Conclusions
10th January 2009
Gates Foundation awards Funds for pro-GM political lobbying and removal of regulatory obstacles

Older open letters 2004 - 2008