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Influence of soy with the gene EPSPS CP4 on the physiological state and reproductive functions of rats in the first two generations

New Ermakova peer-reviewed paper (2009)

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "Modern problems of science and education"
№ 5, 2009 UDC: 612.82, 57.02 This is a peer-reviewed publication

Ermakova I.V. Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology (RAS), Russia

ABSTRACT In this study we examined the influence of a diet containing genetically modified (GM) soy with the gene EPSPS CP4 (RR, line 40.3.2) on the physiological state and reproductive functions of Wistar rats. Different groups of female rats received in addition to their normal chow: GM-soy, or protein isolate of GM soy, or traditional soy Arcon SJ 91-330. The "control group" had nothing added to its chow diet. In the group GM-soy there was a high level of pup mortality in the first generation, underdevelopment of some pups, and a total absence of a second generation. These effects were not observed in the other groups. It is concluded that a diet incorporating the GM soy line 40.3.2 can have a negative influence on the fertility, health and posterity of rats.

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