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Is glyphosate safe? No - a cupful will kill you

Date Added to website 9th Jan 2014

This is a pretty dismal article, but the nonsense that Roundup i safe needs to be knocked on the head. It is, after all, marketed as "the ultimate killing machine." Maybe that is why it is used so frequently as the chemical of choice by poor people who are driven (probably by Monsanto and its agents) to suicide......... a cupful is enough to kill you, as this article points out, and as we already know, even minute amounts have dramatic negative health effects on animals and human beings.

Glyphosate is not salt water

August 18, 2011

Minister of Science and Technology states that you can have a glass of glyphosate and do not worry Lino Barañao Hebe Bonafini surprised to say the Mother Radio that glyphosate is like salt water

Unfortunately the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Lino Barañao , to participate in the " Pariendo Dreams" program , leading the president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo , on Monday August 15 , performed cometary flattering properties of the herbicide Monsanto glyphosate and stressed ( 1 ) , contrary to the presumption of interviewer Hebe de Bonafini, the nontoxic and safe characteristics of glyphosate with respect to human health. From the Red Peoples Medical fumigated we feel obliged to correct inaccurate assessments of our Minister of Science and Technology , lacking any scientific support. And , because the attitude of this outstanding officer endangers the health of the population in Argentina fumigated because irresponsibly claiming this poison safety is promoted to continue aerolizando increasing amounts thereof on the rural population. We emphasize that we share many of the statements made in this interview about the importance of having an independent scientific and technical policy , which to nest and promote national scientific personnel , we also recognize the social and health value of the universal child allowance and other topics covered at the time . But in another moment of the interview, the Minister began to flatter the properties of glyphosate, the herbicide used in the country , with more than 180 million liters falling about 12 million people living in the sprayed villages . Stating that Glyphosate kills plants , Hebe Bonafini added that: " people also " what the S & T Minister replied: " Not proven . There are people who have had a glass of glyphosate, to kill himself , and he has not done anything. " And then continue adding glyphosate could be as harmful as " salt water ." We are concerned about these claims , it is not the first time that we hear , the same phrases are repeated by representatives of the Liaison Bureau of agricultural employers in soya provinces , when they claimed by environmental pollution . The concentrated Bioindustria and sectors such imposed agribusiness ( GM seeds and spraying with increasing amounts of pesticides ) , dominant since the early 90's , need to ensure that these products are not poisons and do not harm health or the environment . The reality proves otherwise , and each year using 40 % more liters of pesticides. In 15 years the cultivated area by 50 %, but increase the amount of pesticides used by more than 1000 % expanded. This increased use of poisons as holding grounds , as Barañao Minister, that these products are safe , as the " salt water " .

Increased pesticide consumption in million liters / kg

Although as early as 2004 S. Bradberry ( 2) , the British Toxicology Service published a review on glyphosate poisoning reporting it was shown that ingestion of more than 85 ml of 41% formulation ( RoundUp ) can cause significant gastrointestinal toxicity corrosive effects frequent renal and hepatic impairment reduced organ perfusion respiratory distress impaired consciousness and shock ventricular arrhythmias and bradycardia leading to death . Retrospective case series of intentional ingestion of glyphosate in Taiwan ( 3) Korea (4 ) and Japan (5) collected data from 2727 suicide with a fatality rate ranging from 6.7 % to 29.3 % meaning that almost one third died of suicide by ingesting glyphosate. These studies confirmed death as a predictor of the amount ingested and the patient's age . Recently, a large prospective study that gathered more than 8,000 suicides in Sri Lanka studied from the hospital was published. This impressive work permits to confirm that the toxicity of agrochemicals is essentially different in humans compared to rats that are used to assign degrees of toxicity ( 6). As part of that study, D. Roberts (7 ) published data attacks kill ingesting glyphosate. The amount taken was decisive. glyphosate does not have the same acute toxicity such as Paraquad with it a sip of a drink 5 ml or 25 ml of venom are enough to end life . But with a 100ml glass of glyphosate serious problems as we had already informed Bradberry . Now Roberts recorded that all people taking more than 190 ml (one cup) of glyphosate died, all Mr. Minister, all . This work demonstrated that glyphosate is rapidly absorbed in humans, which has a plasma half-life of 3.1 h , . Than increased plasma level of 734 UGRS / ml is lethal ; cardiorespiratory toxicity that leads the patient to death , that the pathophysiology still do not know well, but cell membrane injury , and even mitochondrial uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation . Minister : Glyphosate is not " salted water " . Also interesting that the Minister would know that in addition to Dr. Andres Carrasco UBA (8 ) , other Argentine CONICET researchers and our universities ( 9,10,11,12,13 ) have demonstrated the genotoxicity of glyphosate in experimental models. Also investigated , and found the same clastogenic effects in people exposed to systematic sprayings . These findings are consistent and biologically explain the cancers and birth defects found in clinical practice to serve our patients. We would love the Minister Barañao help us defend the health of Argentine , adding to our claim to ban aerial spraying , and the European Union restrict ground spraying and reclassify pesticides according to their effects on humans of short , medium and long term . -

Dr. Vazquez Coordinator Medardo Avila REDUAS August 27, 2011

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