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GM feed negatively affects male reproductive system in mice

Date Added to website 2nd December 2015

GM feed negatively affects male reproductive system in mice

Comment: Note: no access to full paper in translated form. It appears that yet again, a controlled study indicates significant damage to the male mouse reproductive system, associated with GM components introduced into the feed. It is not clear from the abstract whether the observed effects were genuinely induced by the GMO process itself, or by Roundup or other residues that might have been present in the feed used in the experiments.

WEI Xiao-long, LIU Li, TANG Ya-di, ZHU Zheng-lan (2015).
(Medical Technology and Healthcare College, Wuhan Light Industry University, Wuhan 430023, Hubei Province, China)
Effect of GM feed to reproduction system of male mice, 
Gansu Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, 2015 (7), pp


Through feeding Kunming white mice GM feed, study the effect of GM feed to mice reproduction system. Upon feeding one month, matched couples of male and female mice with matured reproduction system are arranged into respective cages. The first time arranged 4 matched groups, i.e. control, treatment group GMI, GMII and GMIII. The control group mices are fed non-GM feed, treatment groups fed GM feed. Upon feeding two months, use the same method to arrange another set of matched couples into respective cages. Observe changes in the number of born offsprings and changes in structure of the testicular of male mice. Result of the test indicates, there is rather significant difference in the number of born offsprings between the controls and treatment groups, and, as the duration fed with GM feed is extended, the number of born offsprings is appearantly reduced, total number less than normal groups. HE staining showed: Experimental mice testicular tissue structural integrity is impaired, seminiferous tubule appeared with different degree of rupture.

The full paper has been posted on Chenny's blog and can be translated using google translator. If anyone is interested in having the full paper translated, please let me know and I will ask for that to be done: