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Revealed: the tactics used by Big Food / biotech corporations to force their products down our throats

Date Added to website 19th July 2015

Revealed: the tactics used by Big Food / biotech corporations to force their products down our throats

New report: Spinning food
(courtesy GM Watch website)

GMO pushers' corporate links exposed
A new report, "Spinning food”, investigates how Big Food and agrochemical corporations are deliberately misleading the public - and reporters - on facts about industrial agriculture and organic and sustainable food production.

The report, published by Friends of the Earth, shows that the industrial food sector has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few years on stealth PR tactics and deployed over a dozen front groups to push coordinated messages to attack organic food, defend pesticides and the routine use of antibiotics, and promote GMOs - messages that are making their way, day after day, to the pages of the largest media outlets.

The report also exposes the ties to corporations and corporate front groups of pro-GMO individuals and groups that will be familiar to GMWatch readers, including Jon Entine, the Genetic Literacy Project, GMOAnswers, and Academics Review. Highly recommended.

The report is available here:…/food-and-technology/good…/spinning-food


To make sound decisions about food and farming — from consumer decisions about food to public policies that will determine the future of our food system — it is essential to be able to separate industry spin from science and PR campaigns from public education. But today, with the industrial food sector spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year on front groups, third-party messengers, social media campaigns and other covert marketing tactics to spin the story of food, it is increasingly difficult to sort truth from fiction. The good news is that public interest groups and sustainable food advocates, despite having a tiny fraction of resources, are reaching far more people through community organizing, peopleto- people education and social media. (See Annex 2 for our comparison of the public-interest bloggers and advocacy groups and industry front groups.)

The evidence also shows that the public’s demand for organic and non-GMO food, and support for sustainable farmers and sound food policies, continues to grow. However, if industry-sponsored misinformation and covert communications is left unchecked, it may become increasingly difficult to maintain market momentum toward healthier food and build public support for policies that incentivize sustainable food and farming systems. By shedding light on how the industrial food and agriculture sector is manipulating public discourse, our hope is that this report will encourage journalists, opinion leaders and the public to bring rigorous scrutiny to the veracity of industry’s messages and messengers. To have an honest conversation, we need to expose this industry influence and make sure that we’re hearing the real story. Not spin.